meet THE CO.

No office walls. No bulky processes.
No silos. and 
certainly no limitations.

Our expertise, hustle, and flexibility make all the difference. Our clients enjoy our presence in their offices and on-site at interviews, photoshoots, and events. We work closely with them to create engaging narratives, distinctive marketing, and smart branding campaigns. 


We’ve been working remotely from the start. This allows for more time and flexibility to focus on our clients, both in person and virtually.

Expert Staff

We don’t pass projects on to interns. The senior-level executives you meet in pitch meetings are the ones doing the work. 


We’re proud to be a woman-owned and operated company. 


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Quinn founded what is now Collins + Co. in 2012 with the vision of creating an autonomous remote work culture that cultivates productivity and personal flexibility. Today we are more empowered, agile and embedded in our clients’ work because of it.


Managing Director

an Extroverted optimist who always sees the glass half full, she brings positive light and energy into all of her interactions and storytelling. A margarita connoisseur who never met a beach she doesn’t love.


Managing Director

Loves levity and brevity. Seeks deeper meanings, has a knack for preparation, and an eye for details. Lives for connections through the written word, homemade meals and laughing at life’s absurdities.



Creative visionary with an eye for simplistic, intuitive design and smart branding. Finds inspiration in vinyl + tiny desk concerts, natural wine + a whiskey neat, mindfulness + meditation, the road less traveled + rides to nowhere.


Senior VP, Public Relations

Endlessly creative, upbeat and sincere communications expert known for her steadfast moral compass. Enjoys French fare, Italian scents, and West Virginia pepperoni rolls.


SENIOr Social Media Director

Savvy social media director with a flair for captivating content. expert in navigating the ever-changing digital landscape. Moonlights as a proud cat mom with a soft spot for astrology. always on the hunt for new foodie adventures and the perfect Old Fashioned. 


PR Manager

Well-rounded communicator and writer with a keen eye for storytelling, a knack for editing, and a deep love of the Oxford comma. Sweet and sensitive- often sarcastic- and always willing to travel for a good concert. Loves being well-read and keeping friends well fed.


manager, PR &
Social Media

Boho chic plant-mom who loves bubble gum pink. Social media MacGyver with an aptitude for all things creative. Loves a well-done waffle fry, giggles with girlfriends, and a crisp campfire.