Our team meticulously planned and executed the creation of a social media reel, ensuring that it would resonate with the target audience and align with the vision of DPOB. We researched and identified the most engaging skating reels and trending skate content on all social media platforms; this allowed us to craft a compelling narrative that would captivate viewers with every frame. We combed through the guest list, identified local, experienced skate enthusiasts, and viewed their social media content to familiarize ourselves with their faces so that we could focus on them during the content capture.

We also highlighted that Spring Break Skate was a family-friendly event open to people of all ages. This helped us identify the theme and artistic direction of the reel -- colorful, fun, happy, bright clips of people skating set to upbeat music. We used an editing application with various features to add vibrant filters and special effects to the video clips.


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Create engaging and compelling content that best represents vibrant downtown Baltimore.


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quickly gaining traction and becoming viral within the Baltimore community. The reel garnered 22.1 thousand views, 1,618 likes, 77 comments, and 1,204 shares -- the highest of all posts and videos on the DPOB Instagram account.

By effectively leveraging captivating visuals and storytelling techniques, we created a visual highlight reel that made people want to be there. As a result, the Spring Break Skate welcomed additional media coverage as well as other engaging reels from attendees. They saw a significant surge in attendance, with an enthusiastic and diverse crowd of all ages.

The resulting social media reel surpassed all expectations,