From the start, our goal was to go “beyond the Business Journal,” meaning we consistently strive to position JLL and its leaders as subject matter experts for more than just ‘office space’ but work/life balance, economic data and trends as well as awards. We got to know the stakeholders and we dove into the work that makes JLL the most successful CRE firm in the DC area. In addition to DC, we travel to Richmond, Hampton Roads and Baltimore to ensure we know those markets so we can tell their stories and we have been rabid in our efforts to gain placements for the team. 


Public relations


Gain media market share in a competitive market, position leadership as experts throughout the region and gain exposure for all business lines JLL provides clients in the Mid-Atlantic.


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we landed more than 120 media placements. During the latter part of the pandemic, we positioned JLL as the subject matter expert in trending “return to the office” conversations. We hosted several hours of Good Morning DC in JLL’s K Street office, among other broadcast coverage. We have earned hundreds of millions of digital impressions, more than 980 individual pieces of coverage over the course of our engagement and earned more than $1.9 million in ad value.

In our first year...


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